Thurz – Big Ball Lyrics

(“Big Ball” and other melodic chants throughout song)
There we were…all dressed up for the Big Ball
We knew that everyone would be there
They came as movie stars, draped with curves and Limousine cars
They danced to the beat, that generated heat
We were sure to be, making sure the crew would not leave
As we started to sing, this crazy melody…
La, la, la, la, la, La, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, La, la, la
La, la la la la

[Verse 1 -Thurz]
Red carpet events, the big lights flashing
Guest list only, no Hollywood scene
Dress code authentic, divine threads in the seam (Seen!)
Do it for you chimpanzees (Monkey-See-Monkey-Do)
Seeming to live this wildlife, but you frauding, you’re lying
Dying, need to be great like tigers
Y’all don’t scrape the bed, then the monkeys be lions, tigers, bears (Oh My!)
On this life’s lawn looking for you
Luxury time like a Rolex
As the big hand moves like the big man moves
In a triangle offense, in that groove, smooth
Hit me in the post and we’ll roll out
Score in the act, I mean Bentley
The Big Ball is a king playing what I think is reality
If you think it you can be it, if you see it how I see it
See yourself high and mighty then that’s how you gon’ be it
Watch out for the skeezers, divas, hoes
They gon’ follow suit, and pose…
I grab my big balls, and follow suit (You see it)

Beamers. Coupes. Leathers. Drank
Mercedes. Benz. Rollin’. Dank
Lexus. Furs. Expensive, Taste
The Big Ball. You are invited, to Big ball
(Now everybody lets…)
Bass on the run, and make love to the song
Got the bass on the run, and make love to the song
(At the big ball, You are invited)

[Verse 2 – Thurz]
The big ball is a lifestyle
More durable than trojans
You see how, I speak good to existence
Everyday, affected
Attention — Shit, naysayers say we never pay
Too expensive — it costs to much
When I can spend my first billion to floss and such
With diamonds that blush
Folks is just miserable, Misery loves company
Two’s a couple and she wants three more to party
But in the big ball, that bitch is never invited
Beamers, Coupes, sixty-fours, Aston-Martin, excited
A taste of heaven, bread is leavened
And Broken with brothers and cousins
With ten percent to the Reverend
Everybody two-stepping, with no weapon
The Big Ball reality, when you stop guessing
Fruition, stop hearing your gut (Follow and Listen)
The dream becomes religion
You are now christened
Big Ball, Beamers, Coupes, Drank
Big Ball, when your dreams is defined with expensive taste


You see what you gotta do is, put your right foot forward
And the left one will follow
But see, some of y’all got two left feet, bow-legged, knock-kneed
Chasing these gold mouths, trying to save ‘em from the storm
See, I tell these hoes
If you wanna stay dry, then you better walk between these rain drops
You understands me?
Beggars and can’t be choosers and choosers shouldn’t be beggars
So you need to decide which one you gon’ be
(At the big ball)

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