Yanique Curvy Diva Gets Praise For “Lifestyle” Video

Yanique Curvy Diva debut her highly anticipated video “Lifestyle” last week and she is getting a lot of praise for the quality of the production.

Since dropping her debut single earlier this year, Curvy Diva has been seeing a steady rise in her dancehall career and this new video is giving her some extra push inside the genre. The video was directed by HD of HD Genesis Films and BlingBlang. The cut was film in Atlanta, Montego Bay and Kingston.

“With the Curvy Diva, we had to go all out because the world is watching her, and she is representing the best of what Jamaican talent has to offer,” Zum of Good Good Productions said. “I think the overall sentiment in the video is just to enjoy your life. No matter if your lifestyle is driving Lamborghinis and shopping at Gucci, or if it’s parting at the gully side with your crew, just enjoy it. The video shows the Curvy Diva enjoying the finer things in life, shopping and driving expensive cars.”

Yanique Curvy Diva also has some new music that she is working on and also recently collaborated with Ky-Mani Marley.

Vybz Kartel Cosigns Female Plastic Surgery Angering Some Dancehall Fans

Vybz Kartel has given females who do plastic surgeries two thumbs up.

Over the past few years a number of local Jamaican female celebrities have been going under the knife to get their bodies done. Some ladies like Yanique Curvy Diva and DHQ Sher have been getting criticism for doing boob and butt implants, but Vybz Kartel is now coming to their defense and we all know once the Gazanation deejay says he like something, the rest of dancehall falls in line.

The incarcerated deejay drop a new single this week titled “Luxury Doll” where he cosign all the ladies who do surgery. “Yo do your batty and your breast and them vex / Gazanation girls them grudge yo for your breast them and for your bumper / Girl you look like a luxury doll / So much perfection without the flaws,” Kartel deejay. Dancehall fans have been weighing in with some mix reactions. The vast majority of Gazanation fans cosigned the single.

“This song is pure fire! Miss Kitty and Curvy Diva anthem this Lol GazaNation thumbs up one time,” one fan wrote, while another fan added, “Song bad (very good) but this is kind of like telling females who don’t do plastic surgery that them no look good and them need to go and get their bodies done.”

One female fan wrote that the song will only make regular women feel bad within their own skin. “Not that I expect any better from Vybz Kartel, but this is just bad for women morality and will only let us continue to feel bad within our own skin,” she said.

Listen Ky-Mani Marley & Yanique Curvy Diva Song “Turn Your Lights Down Low”

Ky-Mani Marley and dancehall newcomer Yanique Curvy Diva team up for a new collaborative single “Turn Your Lights Down Low.”

The new track sampled Bob Marley’s classic “Turn Your Lights Down Low” and features the media personality turn singer showing off her vocal skills while the Grammy-winning reggae star added that Rastafarian vibe to the soulful single. The track was produced by Linton ‘TJ’ White of TJ Records. A rep for Yanique Barrett says that Ky-Mani Marley was the one who reached out to her for the collaboration before they linked with TJ.

“Ky-mani and I have done work before including a collaboration with Vybz Kartel called Cool and Deadly,” said Linton ‘TJ’ White. “We also have a few more soon-to-be-released singles. When he heard this particular rhythm, though, he wrote and titled the single and also requested Yanique as the female on the track, so I reached out to her to make it happen.”

Yanique Curvy Diva also expressed her excitement with working with Ky-Mani Marley, one of reggae legend Bob Marley’s sons. “Working with Ky-mani was awesome!” Curvy Diva said. “I’m glad I was given the opportunity to do a collaboration with the son of a legend, to really deliver such a hot song. I’m happy about it.”

Yanique recently got caught up in some controversy when she posted a photo of herself and Rob Kardashian. Some gossip media outlets in the U.S. posted a story claiming that the two are dating post his Blac Chyna meltdown on Instagram last week. That story is fake but gave her some free press to promote her career and new music. The single “Turn Your Lights Down Low” is now available on iTunes and is being distributed by Zojak Worldwide. The dancehall singer is also getting ready to embark on her Caribbean Club tour starting in August in Grand Cayman.

Yanique Curvy Diva Reacts To Rob Kardashian Dating Rumors

Jamaican media sensation turn artist Yanique “Curvy Diva” Barrett is reacting to rumors that she is now dating Rob Kardashian.

Days after that infamous Instagram meltdown over Blac Chyna cheating, Rob Kardashian has reportedly moved on to another female who is famous for her ample ass-ets. Gossip site MTO claimed that Yanique Barrett and Rob are now a couple following his split with Blac Chyna. The story is BS but very entertaining. The rumors all started when Yanique posted a photo of herself and Rob that was taken at Brit Jam last year when he and Blac Chyna were in Jamaica for the party.

“Now look how unuh mek China a call mi yow mi wah kill dah snitch deh alrightttt I’m done,” Barrett wrote on Instagram while making light of the story. MTO wrote that Yanique and Rob Kardashian met in Jamaica which is true they did meet on Jamaican soil. The site claimed that she is an Instagram model who is helping him through his ordeal, which is not true, she is not an Instagram model. Yanique Curvy Diva is a well known local media personality who is the host of the popular series Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. She also regularly hosts parties and has recently launched a career in dancehall.

The next part of the site’s story claimed that Rob is planning to fly Yanique to the U.S. to get to know her better and help her with her modeling career, not true. “No man unuh tek dis too far, all a tell lie which part a mi a Instagram Model,” Yanique Curvy Diva wrote after the site posted the story. Blac Chyna will be going to court today to get a restraining order against Rob Kardashian. She is also exploring legal options regarding revenge porn after Rob Kardashian leaked a bunch of nude photos of her.

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