Mick Jenkins – Percy Lyrics

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[Intro: Mick Jenkins]
Yeah, I’m smoking by myself
Yeah, I’m smoking by myself
Yeah, I’m smoking by my fucking lonely

[Verse 1]
Percy Jackson got the light, these niggas don’t want action
Whole new era, all I see is capping
Sporting waves, no stocking cap
[?] but I got flows to kill a mockingbird
I drop some verbs and niggas asked what happened
They see the growth then ask me bout a shortcut
If you don’t get the fuck
Go split a blunt and come with way more guts
They talk beef, we seek choice pork cuts
I’m screaming fuck 12, need white blood cells
I’m too sick with the pen like dumbell
I move heavyweight
Smoking out the P with my mans in his Chevy waiting on our cue to go
Weed residue all on my cuticles, I been grinding
Paper cuts all on my fingertips, been taking my time
Counting the digits, the relationship is strictly platonic though
Couldn’t love the money if a young nigga wanted to
Gotta love the struggle, it’s the hustle I’m drawn into
Flipped a old school and it didn’t need no 22’s
This a Percy, I ain’t passing a blunt to who
All my niggas came with their own trees rolled
You must not be my nigga, nigga be gone

[Interlude: Mick Jenkins]
This one’s a personal
I’m smoking by myself
Uh, I’m smoking by my fucking lonely
Yeah, I’m smoking by myself
Uh, I’m smoking by my fucking lonely

[Verse 2: Qari]
Yeah, yeah, ayy
Roll scavenger flows, it’s gold lavender
Flower from the [?] so I smoke with no amateurs
Chief [?] green from Canada
Brodie still on paper so you waiting while we ran it up
Pass it to myself, I’m in the foreign in pajamas
[?] where gorillas keep bananas, keep the phantom tucked
See this got me paranoid as fuck, I don’t know who to trust
Smoking by myself cause I don’t give a fuck
These days I’m [?] reason with these heathens
You can tell I’m from the fire breathing breed
Light speed, Godspeed
[?] tree
I be smoking by myself
I be feeling like a G
I be feeling like I’m God
I be wondering if he feeling like me
Percy Jackson never had no trouble with the sea
With the wave, with the deep
Niggas slaves, niggas sheep
Ain’t pass it to these niggas so pass the shit to me
Pass it I don’t need it keep it moving I’m with free

This one’s a personal
This it for me, this it for me, this it for me
I’m smoking by myself