Snowgoons – The Real Talk Lyrics (feat. Ice Water, Akrobatik, Virtuoso & Diabolic)

[Verse One: Ice Water]
Gotta roll from the way I rock
Can’t afford to hand out freebies you overshot
Bars got more value than you Wall Street stock
“I’m part of the [?] Family too.” no you’re not
Computer thug no buzz, rely on the street dream
A DJ record label BCL street team
Didn’t mention all my other shit got more than just three themes
Got major endorsements plus hip hop clout
And you garbage, you the finger roll that came back out
Are you the poet using words that’s so poorly placed?
Masterpiece that end up in DJ’s crates
I’m on top of my game, feel like I’m sitting in space
Life time journey that’s just half of my songs
Make more tracks than a fifty year old dope fiend’s arm
The way that me and A do it, bring you beautiful chemistry
Destroy everything in our path in close proximity
You can upgrade your music then your whole identity
Crowd is ’bout to disassemble and make you they enemy

[Verse Two: Akrobatik]
I’m the antidote for all these garbage dudes and they whole raps
Ass backwards like prolapse, Akro’ slaps
Your grill so hard that you’re now wearing no caps
I’m down with the Snowgoons, dwellers of the snow caps
And why not? I got that avalanche flow
Black Sasquatch, rocking since the days of black rock
These clowns throwing salt in the game but not on Ak’s watch
Ain’t no telling how many rappers my ax chop
Ak the lumberjack, Paul Bunyon
So when I step up to attack you know they all running
So thirsty that they forget to read the fine prints
So they forgetting that the game is a marathon and not a sprint
So before the stupid bastards even notice that I’m there
I’ll be sliding right past ’em like the tortoise did the hare
So when it’s all said and done
If me and the ‘goons ain’t getting it first then you ain’t getting none

Real talk {x10}

[Verse Three: Virtuoso]
I flow with A.G. and Akro’
Cold as ice water and black snow
Goon’s big Virt calling Miguel Castro
Dictator spit flavor, what more could you ask for?
I mack your glass joe, my rap is a trap do’
And catch yo’ ass off guard, remove that flo’
From under your feet, Snowgoons got the thunderous beats
Running the streets, peace to Beantown leviathan
Flows blows so there’s no need to carry arms
The pale cousin of Barry Bonds
My cranium’s the size of Shea Stadium and I got power like nickel cadmium
And it’s going going gone
See if I’m playing I’m rearranging the rules and so many dudes my flow is spawn
On this plane I fan the flames the same as climate change
Blazing heat over black snow, turning the ice to waves
Raging tsunamis, watch me surfing the crest
I ride with Germany’s best
Verbally Virt will beat your verses to death

[Verse Four: Diabolic]
This cocky ass honky is fast to whip somebody’s ass
Faster than Miyagi in a Cobra Kai karate class
Prolly laugh, get trashed playing Johnny Cash
And give your boys a poison ivy rash in your body cast
Rocking Freddie Krueger’s glove, Jason’s hockey mask
Zombie’s crash the party, La Di Dadi feel the godly wrath
On behalf of the people, let the shottie blast
And make an honest living giving politicians polygraphs
Tsunami splash coming through to hit your brain waves
I shoot the gift for space age, futuristic AK’s
So make way for ‘Bolic flying toward evil fake friends
With an iron sword where the spinal cord meets the brain stem
I’ve endured times of war, peace and mayhem
Now hear the violent roar like dinosaur’s eating cave men
And take them from the idiot box to Broad Street
Expose they fake asses; Nicki Minaj’s butt cheeks