Kreayshawn – Shrimp Lyrics

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[Verse 1: DJ Carnage]
Do it for the low, swag my money long, homie
Word around town, I got bitches that will love me
Loud pack all black, swag one hundred
If you about money, I’m about money, let’s talk about moola
I’m stuntin, I’m stuntin, hoe
I’m stuntin, my wrist loud, yo
I’m stuntin, hoe
How loud? stupid loud, hoe
Black gun, black tech, black shauty
All night, hit that bullit to your body
I fuck with Kreayshawn, I call her Kreay Gotti
If you get her mad, she hit you with the 40
Go hard, call me Flocka, see
Fake niggas try to step to me, Lotto on the line, say he got them bricks
Time is money, now I go hit a lick

[Verse 2: Kreayshawn]
I can’t hear your swag yeah, it’s real quiet
Heard you got those loud pockets, but I think you still lying
My swagger loud, but your’s, shh, keep it silant
My swagger like a chopper in your ear, keep firing
Boom bam I’m in the room now, I’m swaggin out
Bitches thought I wasn’t with the shit, till I pulled it out
40 Cal in your face, now this bitch is runnin from the swag
In the gun she didn’t know was comin, but I’m here now
Fear this, all these bitches don’t pop near this
Cause if I pop off, I just might pull your top off
And that ain’t cool
My swag will kill you, and my swag will kill him too
And these bitches never knew that, Kreayshawn rockin with this crew