NLE Choppa – Free Youngboy Lyrics

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Drum Dummie
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm
Huh, hmmm, da-da-da-da

Gotta drop up on the opps, man, I know where they be at
Bitch I rob the Plug, yeah we sellin’ where he sleep at
Fell in love with these drugs, Percocets I be fiendin’
I’m prayin’ to the lord but I’m livin’ like a demon
Keep the glizzy on a nigga mind, I use it for protection
I keep a Glock up in the club, don’t you come into my section
I got promoters really scared, every show we be reckless
Had some tape up on the on the murder scene, This shit can get deadly
Told my momma not to worry ’cause I’m livin’ like a thug
And my mama keep on tellin’ me to slow down on the drugs
So much pain in my body, can’t make this shit up
I throw the dirt up on my arm, with just me and my gloves
It’s just like a throwback, a nigga push your shit back
I don’t fuck with police, bitch I’m screamin’ “fuck the disbatch”
Put this hollow in your throat, like a motherfuckin’ Tic-Tac
Choppa break a nigga down like a fuckin’ Kit-Kat
High speed the blue lights, we run from they coppas
I Hit him with two, sent him straight to the doctor
My son and these niggas, they callin’ me papa
King of the jungle they call me Mufasa
They say that man Choppa he ain’t steppin’, man a nigga must be crazy
I wipe a nigga nose like a snotty-faced baby
Bitch, I still got it on me while a nigga got probation
And I’m screamin’ fuck the Judge, and I you know I’m beatin’ cases
Sippin’, I’ma stick him up, bitch, give me everything
Screamin’ fuck love I’ll never buy a wedding ring
Same nigga from the east, nigga, I never change
Surgeon with this Choppa man, I’m tryin’ to take a nigga brain
Last nigga play with me, I sent him to the Heaven Gates
I ain’t never fuck with Josh, but I love totin’ Drac’s
Have somebody get em wacked then I move to another state
I got a bucket list​ for the opps, who I’m gonna kill today?
Everybody rise, kill my enemy then watch his mamas cry
Everybody dies, I’m a demon in the skies, you can see it in my fuckin’ eyes
Mama say, “Why did you grow up this way?”
I was sitting up in court, I couldn’t look at her face
I could never do it right, keep on makin’ mistakes
Then I rose to the life, I’m a sunkin’ place
Everybody rise, top Shotta, Don Dadda
Everybody dies, NLE the top shotta
Mama say, “Why did you grow up this way?”
I could never do it right, keep on makin’ mistakes
Mama say, “Why did you grow up this way?”