Big Baby Scumbag – Victoria Secret Lyrics (feat. Father)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Big Baby Scumbag]
Met a six foot tall bitch I met at the mall
Heard she suck a good dick and wash a nigga dirty draws
Girl my name Big Baby, hell yeah it’s nice to meet you
Catch me at Foot Locker buying all them sneakers
Got a bad bitch and I think her name Jelissa
She a white girl but she got that jungle fever
Kick her to the curb like a nigga play FIFA
I’m a dirty bird, she a cougar, no cheetah
She a dirty slut and she lie, don’t believe her
Stupid ass nigga, is you fried, why you keep her
Going through my beeper, going through my messages
I ain’t got no games on my phone, this ain’t Tetris
I be on some money shit, while your ass cuffin’ hoes
Paying for her nails n’ shit
Paying for her f**king toes
Junk food eating ass hoe, buying jelly rolls
She ain’t got no credit card
She ain’t got no telephone

[Chorus: Big Baby Scumbag] x4
Yeah, Victoria Secret
She don’t got no secrets
She don’t got no secrets

[Verse 2: Father]
She ain’t got no secrets
Made 50K then I freaked it
Pushed her off that pedestal, hit the floor, now we freaking
Pulled out that glizzy, pissy, now he’s leaking
Nigga think he better, incredible, that boy reaching
Coming to your city and stimulate your economy
Damn papi, hit yo’ bitch, stimulate, make her cum on me
Tracee Ellis Ross shorty 45 but that’s young to me
My girl down bad, my nigga you know that front on me

[Chorus: Big Baby Scumbag] x4
Yeah, Victoria Secret
She don’t got no secrets
She don’t got no secrets

Wiley – Eyes Closed Lyrics

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Wickedest MC alive, shut (your mouth)

[Verse 1: Wiley]
My hype ain’t dried up
What do you mean line up?
Now we can’t see you
Rude boy climb up
Tell me what makes you think that my time’s up
Not because we don’t work, we’re riders
Please, you can’t overcome my luck
You can’t stop my sales from flying up
The hype them man have, it’s all drying up
I’m on the road all week, got the mix CD
In the back of the cars, I’m supplying the shops
The game’s frying up
Your shoelace’s tying up
Don’t make sense, any one at home, start crying up
Think you’re fly, but nah, but you’re not fly enough
Go to Foot Locker rude boy, you don’t buy enough
You don’t fly in the sky enough
Maybe your girl don’t cry enough
Or is it that you don’t try enough
Come to war, half-hearted, fire up
Ain’t no easy ride
I’ve been around since old soundman used to wire up
If you can’t respect, don’t [?]
Go shopping, it’s the rail I’m buying up
You can’t follow my trail, you ain’t fly enough
Flyboy, flyboy
I’m not a just come yout, type my number in then dial up
Told you already that you wouldn’t get wile up
People don’t listen, instead they wanna smile up
I knew it, look at my sales, they’re all flying up
And I heard one yout trying to say that my time’s up
Fuck that, I take the level of grime up
Crime up, pick who’s wife up?
Pick whose wife up?
You pick your knife, I draw my sword out
End of the night, [?]
And you’ll be all pied up
I’m the reason that E3 likes your Maximum dubplate hype tune
Made young kids wanna bite you
And just because I’m a light yout
Talented artists, I like to explain how I’m the best artist in the world
Don’t believe me? Ask your girl
Won’t push my luck and I won’t get stuck
You’ve had a good day but now your time’s up

[Verse 2: Jammer]
Okay, okay, okay, okay
Because when I tap down, everything gets messy
Might see me smoking on the bare [?]
Don’t eat meat rude boy, man are veggie
When I come around, everybody, they start to get edgy
You man, you ain’t ready
I won’t get my teeth punched up like [?]
Or get down, I’m not D Double E but I make a man [?]
Oah, oah, get back, draw from the mash but
I’m not [?]
Catch a nigga while he’s [?]
And just go
Come, let’s go
Come and take [?] in your metro
And while you check out the strap
Rude boy just let go
What’s all this talk I’m hearing about Movement?
I don’t really think these guys are moving
Skeng to the head while the car’s still moving
Bust two shots to your head, you’ll be more than moving
The doctor was like “What type of cans were they using?”
Now look who’s mosing
You can’t fuck with the strapped up, man are moving
Run up your mouth because your chest is wide
Run man down from the side of the ride
Hit everybody inside of the ride
It’s red all over inside of the ride
Somebody died inside of the ride
That’s why you can’t have too much pride
All those niggas, rolling slide
Can’t try ask for personal guide