Snowgoons – Guillotine Rap Lyrics (feat. Dope D.O.D.)

We walk with the dead (below zero)
We keep ’em on ice (below zero)
You heard what he said (off with his head)
Guillotine rap, yeah the killer team’s back. (x2)

[Verse 1: Dopey Rotten]
Boom its Dope D.O.D. and the Goons
We living this shit here you just make tunes
I get high float off like balloons
No silver spoon f**ked up before noon
I’ll be dying like a rockstar soon
For now I’m gettin pussy in the men’s room
Since day one I’ve been doomed
I let it rain it’s monsoon ya dumb fools
Get schooled
I drop jewels with the ghosts and ghouls
The golden rule is keep it cool keep it cruel
I know what the f**k to do
This is suicidal capitol we laugh at you
While drinkin brew we slay ya crew
Breakdown ya breakthrough ya time is through
Ya walkin the walk didn’t fit the shoes
Shouldn’t f**k with Rotten cause my screws are loose now shoot


[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
Come and get it, i got it I drop anotha record
Because they give me the credit 2 rock with rugged legends
So i kill it the second i do a drop a acid
We only got the classics, but you know the status
I’m on another level bitch
By the looks sound and smell u can tell who the rebel is
Me! Skits came 2 settle this debate
With a grenade and a blood a bloodthirsty fellowship
U can’t get with the skills u betta head for the hillz
I shoot a batty boy like general steele
Off with hiz head when the guillotine drops down
Worldwide we got ya little scene locked down
Dope, goons, Germany, Ghosttown
Coke, Shroomz, Bourbon and Smoke Clouds
I get loud and go out with a bang!
Guilotine rap slang kid no one can hang


[Verse 3: Jay Reaper]
Yes indeed
He didn’t duck now may he rest in peace
Flesh yeast, yo chest was weak
Like sesame street now lets get deep and guillotine a motherf**ker
I be dreamin bout the ruckus
Superbeamin motherf**kers
All them niggas act like bitches I got semen by the buckets
Yeah the cream be quite effective
Im a genie on the record
Niggas squeamish and pathetic
Well guillotine m in a second
The whole scene outrages
Im mean and im raging
Im dreamin im f**kin guillotinin them faces
My team a bunch of tasteless, niggas and they f**kin wasted
On misty acress we guillotine a group of racist
Django Unchained shit
Can you handle the pain bitch
Like animals in cages, im flamable impatient
Rrrrhhaa! Niggas scared screamin oh Jesus
No Jesus. Its the guillotinerz!