Shaggy and Sting Joint Album “44/876” Gets Release Date

Shaggy and Sting joint album 44/876 will be here sooner than later.

The duo released the first single “Don’t Make Me Wait” off the upcoming album yesterday. The duo is currently in New York recording the album and we’re told that most of the songs are already recorded. The album release date is set for April 20th this year so going forward it’s just the finishing touches and promotion. “Most if not all of the songs are already recorded so right now its like putting in the finishing touches and promoting the LP ahead of the big release,” a rep for the dancehall legend told DHH.

Shaggy and Sting will also embark on a major tour of North America and Europe later this year to help push the album. “We are currently putting together a major tour, something big and authentic where we can get up close and personal with the fans, because this album is going to be big, ain’t nothing normal what we have in the pipeline,” his rep added.

Shaggy is one of the most commercially successful artists in dancehall of all-time. His 2000 album Hot Shot has been certified diamond globally and six times platinum in the United States. Since then he has released around half a dozen albums but none of them come remotely close to the success of Hot Shot. Shaggy also tops list of richest living reggae/dancehall artists with an estimated net worth of $22 million.

Sting is a hugely successful artist in his own right and has always been close to reggae. He was the lead singer/songwriter for the iconic British band, The Police in the 1970s and 80s, but in 1985 he launched his solo career and that same year he released his solo debut album The Dream of the Blue Turtles. The LP was heavily influenced by reggae music so it’s only natural for Sting to team up with an iconic name in reggae/dancehall like Shaggy for a joint album. The album 44/876 is set for an April 20th release date.

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Vybz Kartel Attorney Confirmed Hospitalization Deejay Stable

Vybz Kartel attorney Tom Tavares-Finson has confirmed that the deejay is hospitalized. broke the news today that the incarcerated deejay was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies for an unknown illness. Tavares-Finson released a statement moments ago confirming that the artist was complaining about pain in his side since Wednesday of last week. “I was informed today by the prison authorities that he would be taken to University Hospital,” he said.

Sources told DHH that he is suffering from a possible kidney infection that may cause from a kidney stone. He was getting treatment from health staffs at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center, but when his condition did not improve, he was rushed to the University of Hospital by a police detail. Hospital sources say that his condition is stable and at this time authorities will only allow immediate family visits. There is no word yet on when he will be discharged from the hospital.

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, is six years deep into his life sentence for a 2014 murder conviction. The Gazanation leader is currently awaiting his next big fight in the Jamaican justice system. His appeal trial is set for February of next year.

Spice Confirms Collab With Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj Want A Piece

Spice has confirmed that a new collaboration with Foxy Brown is coming and it seems Nicki Minaj want a piece of the action.

Last week was Foxy Brown birthday and both Spice and Nicki Minaj sent out their happy birthday wishes to the hip hop icon on Instagram. They even heap some praises on her and one thing that we got from Spice was that a collaboration is in the works. She didn’t divulge much details, but we reached out to her camp and one of her reps conformed that some new music is coming, but not including Nicki, at least not yet.

“For sure you can look out for something big from Spice and Foxy Brown soon” a rep for the dancehall star told DHH. “The song is already recorded and everything just some behind the scenes logistics to work out before we drop it like a bomb.” When asked if Nicki Minaj will be on it, her rep said they were unable to secure a verse from the Young Money rapper. “Am sure that both Spice and Nicki want to work together so if it should happen it will happen,” we’re told.

Its been a while since we’ve had a dancehall hip hop collaboration between two dope female artists so we will be paying close attention to this one. Spice gave Foxy Brown a big shout out on Instagram on her 39th birthday. “Over a decade ago you showed me love from the very first day you met me,” she wrote. “You’ve always encouraged me till this day sis. I love and respect you simple because your beautiful inside out. Your a rare gem wait till we drop the #Badgalcommission on them BADDEST B**CH. Please help me wish @foxybrown HAPPY BIRTHDAY #Realbadgal you know i love ya.”

Nicki Minaj left a comment on Spice post saying, “Ummm I’ll be first in line to cop whatever y’all drop.” Nicki also said that Foxy Brown is the reason why she is rapping today.

Listen Vybz Kartel New Single “Luxury Doll”

Vybz Kartel debut a self-produced new single “Luxury Doll” and it’s already the top trending dancehall song on YouTube just a few hours after its release.

The track was produced by Vybz Kartel Muzik and features the incarcerated hitmaker toasting his Gazanation ladies. “Girl you look like a luxury doll / So much perfection without the flaws / I would like to see you without the draws / Your booty a bounce like a melody / Even the kids them have to sing along,” Kartel rhymes.

So far this month, Vybz Kartel has released four new singles and the flood of new music came just a few weeks after some Gazanation fans started to beg the deejay to release more new music. The “Fever” deejay is currently working on an upcoming project due later this year or early next year. Sources told DHH that the project was initially scheduled for release in June of this year but was delayed due to some production setbacks. Listen to Vybz Kartel new single “Luxury Doll” below.

Alkaline Visa Not Revoked Despite Foota Hype Claim

Alkaline visa was not revoked despite recent rumors claiming that the Vendetta deejay is currently without travel documents for the U.S.

The rumors started following Alkaline’s no show at the Ecips Music Festival in New York last week. The “Champion Boy” deejay blamed it on circumstances beyond his control, but sources told Dancehall HipHop that his and other artists no show was as a result of the promoter not paying the artists final deposits.

Some industry personalities like Foota Hype have since questioned the artist’s story saying that his absence was because of his visa getting revoked. A rep for the Vendetta leader told DHH that those rumors are lies and that the deejay will be performing in Atlanta this weekend. “Alkaline will be live in Atlanta this weekend don’t listen to all these bogus reports about visa revoked,” his rep said. “Some old boy (Foota Hype) no have no have nothing better to do than sit down on social media every day and a talk about the boss. That’s why them gal a give them bun because all them do a gossip.”

Last weekend Popcaan revealed that he didn’t get a visa in time to perform at the Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta.

Meek Mill Reacts To Arrest Claims Cops Profiled & Targeted Him

Meek Mill has reacted to his recent arrest in New York City for disturbing the peace and reckless endangerment.

Cops pulled over the Dreamchaser rapper last Thursday night for allegedly stunting with his crew on motorcycles without helmets. Sources say around five squad cars pulled up on the rapper where one cop questioned him before putting him in handcuff and arrested him. Apparently, Meek Mill was shooting a music video in Harlem and was doing wheelies with his crew all while cops looked on.

The next morning Meek Mill walked free and was only charged with two misdemeanors despite originally looking at at least a felony charge which could land him in jail for some time. Sources around the Philly rapper told DHH that he felt like he was racially profiled and targeted by the cops who tried to pin charges on him. “The whole thing just like like racial profiling to us because why so many police officers had to create a huge scene just to pull over one man who was not even armed,” sources told us. “Then they let this man (Meek Mill) sleep in jail and couldn’t even find anything to charge him with and then tried to pin two misdemeanors on him. The law enforcement system is rigged against black men, but fortunately Meek can afford a decent attorney. What happened to the vast majority who don’t have the means of getting themselves a good lawyer.”

In a press conference with his attorney in NYC, Meek Mill says that he is a family man who is hard-working, The “1942 Flow” rapper also maintained his innocence saying he did nothing wrong. Meek has had a number of legal troubles over the past few years including last year when he was placed on house arrest for three months. His latest running with lawmen won’t see him getting any jail time, but will surely remind him of his many legal woes.

Nicki Minaj & Quavo Secret Music Video Coming This Month

Nicki Minaj and Quavo recently shoot a music video for a secret song and we’re learning that the cut is coming this month.

The Young Money rapper teased the new collaboration this week on her Instagram page while on set with the Migos emcee. Sources inside her circle told DHH that the video is ready and will be released the same time that she debuted the single. “The video is ready and it’s going to be lit some crazy bars just watch out,” we’re told. The track will be a party track, but our sources didn’t reveal the title.

Our sources confirmed that the music video should arrive mid to late August and will be featured on Nicki Minaj upcoming album due this fall. Nicki has been teasing the video on her Instagram all week prepping her fans for another banger with the in-demand Migos rapper. “We started shooting yesterday and finished shooting this morning,” an excited Nicki Minaj said. “But it was absolutely ALL WORTH IT! He’s a class act.”

“We out here shooting a video for your favorite new song that you don’t hear yet,” Nicki added in one of the videos she posted on IG. “Top secret video,” Quavo added.

We started shooting yesterday and finished shooting this morning. ? But it was absolutely ALL WORTH IT! He's a class act [From the Huncho to The Queen] [email protected] ? @migos

A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on Aug 1, 2017 at 12:17pm PDT

Quavo & The Queen ?Issa video shoot ??????? @quavohuncho

A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on Jul 31, 2017 at 9:16pm PDT

Listen Alkaline New Single “Golden Hold” – It’s Fire

Alkaline drop a new single “Golden Hold” ahead of his highly anticipated performance tomorrow night at Sumfest.

Sources inside the Vendetta told DHH that he will be performing the new Lee Milla-produced single at Reggae Sumfest. “No pretty boy thing mi wild and mean / Mi a kick weh yo foot them and f**k yo hard mek yo scream / Turn on the show left the water fi steam / When mi done with your pu*** yo walk and go in / She did have a man but she no bother waan see him,” Alkaline deejay.

Since the start of the year, Alkaline has been dropping a consistent supply of new music, around one or two songs per month. Listen to the new track “Golden Hold” below.

Meek Mill Says Nicki Minaj Is No Wife Material Her Fans Disagree

Meek Mill is getting ready to drop his new project “Wins and Losses” but it seems Nicki Minaj is on his mind.

The Philly spitter and his superstar ex-girlfriend have been in a war of words on social media over the past several months since their bitter break-up in December. Earlier this month, they traded jabs accusing each other of being fake among other explicit things. While they were dating, Meek Mill regularly shows off Nicki Minaj on his social media pages referring to her as wife material and a boss lady, but now he is singing a different tune.

Last night, Meek Mill posted a SnapChat that caught a lot of folks attention. “Ya fake ass ain’t no wife material,” he wrote in the Snap before deleting it. While he didn’t name Nicki Minaj in his post, everyone assumes that he is talking about her. Just last week he went on a rant on Instagram after JAY-Z drop his new album, telling his fans that she has fake everything including fake skin tone and fake mileage.

Meek is telling his people that Nicki is no wife material and that he regrets ever getting together with her. “Of all the women he dated, she probably ranked at the bottom, don’t let these fake industry chicks fool you they ain’t no wife material,” sources told DHH. “He (Meek Mill) regret giving her the time of day and multiple people did warn his ass about her but he wouldn’t listen. That ni**a was blinded by that ass but that’s how we hood ni**as are we love a bad b*tch. But in this case, he should’ve passed on this one because she caused him a lot of problems in the industry and her fake as hell.”

Meek Mill has been getting trolled by Nicki Minaj fans on social media who are calling him a bitter ex-boyfriend who should get over himself.

Ishawna Gets Backlash For Comments About Jamaican Icon Miss Lou

Ishawna finds herself again at the center of some fresh controversies that have nothing to do with her music.

Last weekend, the “Equal Rights” singer posted a smoking hot photo of herself on her Instagram page and captioned it, “Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou.” Her Jamaican fans think that she was disrespecting the late Jamaican icon who is celebrated as the mother of Jamaican culture.

“Ishawna u a my artist and mi rate u but u should think before u make that caption abt miss lou,” one fan wrote in the comments, while another fan added, “See what happen is that we lost our way as a people we have no respect for the true patriots and people who paved the way for us. This is by no means an attack on the artist but she really went way over the line Miss Lou was one of the persons who fought for our culture and wearing the “bandanna” it symbolizes a bit of our culture and for her to refer to it in a diragietory (derogatory) term as “table cloth” shows no respect and frankly straight up ignorance to the legacy of a real Jamaican icon.”

A rep for Ishawna told DHH that she meant no disrespect to Miss Lou and was merely expressing herself regarding her outfit. “She meant no disrespect people are just reaching with this one,” her rep said. Ishawna recently got some backlash from dancehall fans for her raunchy single “Equal Rights.”

Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou

A post shared by ISHAWNA (@mslegendary) on Jul 8, 2017 at 6:05pm PDT