Bi-2 and DDT concerts canceled at rock festival in Voronezh

The groups were supposed to perform at the Chernozem rock festival on August 20 and 21 and become one of the headliners. The reason for the cancellation was not given by the organizers. Previously, the musicians were on the list of “undesirable”

The leader of the group “DDT” Yuri Shevchuk

At the rock festival “Chernozem” in Voronezh canceled the concerts of the groups «B-2» and DDT, the Vesti Voronezh portal was told in the organizing committee of the event.

The rock festival is scheduled for August 19-21. The bands were supposed to perform on the 20th and 21st and be one of the headliners. The reason for the cancellation was not given by the organizers.

“Other headliners of the festival remain: Vyacheslav Butusov, Splin, Symphonic Cinema, and the Aria group has recently joined, & mdash; they said.

“The government of the Voronezh region and the governor do not influence the concert program of the private festival”,— RBC was informed in the press service of the government of the region.

RBC turned to representatives of DDT and Bi-2 for comments.

Earlier, Bi-2 and DDT have already announced the postponement of concerts, including in Moscow.

Read on RBC Pro Pro How to lift sanctions from a person or company. Step-by-step instructions Instructions Pro In Moscow, 1.5 million sq. m of offices: what to do with them Forecasts Pro “I would be disgusted with myself at 20”: how Bill Gates rests Articles Pro How to stop stealing business for personal needs: five rules why use the materials of a criminal case in an arbitration court Instructions Pro Sleeping 8 hours a day and being lazy: Jeff Bezos' healthy habits publication «». Police officers came to the club, where the musicians had already begun to perform. The concert eventually had to be stopped.

One of the concert goers told RBC that the group managed to play several songs before the police got up on stage.

“The concert started at the scheduled time. The group played four songs, and at the beginning of the next one, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took the stage. If memory serves, one was in uniform, two were in civilian clothes. At the exit, the corridor was full of police officers, about 20-30 people. No one was touched or detained. There were about ten police cars on the street. At the exit and entrance, traffic police officers checked the cars, & mdash; said the man.

According to him, he did not see anyone being detained on the street or protocols being drawn up. Approximately half an hour later, the people dispersed, the listener added.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A day earlier, the Anacondaz concert was canceled in Yekaterinburg, the group reported that this had happened at the request of the police.

In early July, the publication “Fontanka” published a list of “undesirable” artists, which included DDT, Bi-2; and Anacondaz. “Fontanka” referred to one of the musicians who found himself on the list. The existence of the list was confirmed by a source in the promotional business. One of the founders of Anacondaz Artem Khorev in an interview with the YouTube show “Viska” said he didn't know if there was an official list, but admitted that venue owners could ban performances “out of harm's way” after seeing such a list online.

In mid-May, a protocol was drawn up against DDT leader Yuri Shevchuk under the article of the Code of Administrative Offenses on discrediting the actions of the Russian military after a concert in Ufa on May 18. However, later the Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg returned the case against the musician to the police “to eliminate shortcomings”, explaining that the protocol drawn up against him did not describe the event of the offense and “there is no indication of what exactly the public calls to prevent the use of Armed Forces in order to protect the interests of Russia and its citizens. As Shevchuk's lawyer Alexander Peredruk explained, the protocol only stated that “On May 18, during a performance at a concert, he discredited the Armed Forces, committed an offense under Art. 20.3.3″ At the same time, it did not indicate what kind of statements he was talking about, said Peredruk. After that, the police drew up a new report, however, the court in St. Petersburg found violations in it and returned the case again.

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