Lovell – Foolish Music Lyrics (feat. Loe)

(Verse 1) “The rhythm first made me a slave when I was young and behaved while I blissfully listened to J5’s ‘Love You Save, that amazingly paved the way for me to step it up a nudge so I earnestly got immersed in the verses of Steveland Judd, his style was so sublime even borderin on divine which made me often forget that the brother was physically blind that’s why I shine via rich vocals intertwined with fine rhymes to pay homage to the soulgods that inspire me ALL THE TIME, so I’m inclined to chime in on these youngins that spit over wack trap rap skits, bout mollys thots and sips of the syrup its so disturbin with the onslaught of the garbage by these fraudulent imposters these charlatans need to stop it, its much more to this thing than big bling and huge profit, please acknowledge what I’m droppin ’cause y’all trappers defy logic, it ain’t rockin, feel this groove that’ll warm you up like tropic, my style is so picturesque its no need to crop it …(Chorus) Don’t Be Foolish with this Music, don’t abuse it or misuse it make tunes that soothin filled with beauty and LOVE……TIME TO CHANGE THE WORLD…
OHHH!!!……..Went from FRIENDLY then turned to a DAWG feels like I’m JOE HADEN crystals shinin I’m a diamond in the rough patiently waitin all this hate is oh so blatant cause my words are never embracin my complicated domination but you’re unmotivated…….”

De Vet Du – Din Syrra Lyrics

Jag lackar så hårt på mig själv men jag har gjort nåt väldigt dumt min vän
Du vet när jag skulle passa din DAWG och vattna blommorna till klockan fem
Ja, då kom det någon hem, jag börja fundera på vem
Kollade mot dörren och såg din lilla lillesyrra
Med en hylla typ som Pamela Anderson

Jag tänkte no I can’t
Men, fan I want
Hon var ju kåt
Brorsan förlåt
(Vafan sägeru?)
Hon klädde av sig allt
Och tog mig kallt
På COCK och jag kunde inte hålla mig

Jag Låg med din syrra min vän
Och vi bazza i din säng
Jag låg med din syrra igen
Och nu kommer ångesten
Och jag vet ju att det var fel som sagt men jag kan inte förstå
Jag låg med din syrra min vän
Aight then

Vi skulle sova hos dig, hade festat hela natten
Vakna upp torr i munnen, skulle gå o dricka vatten
Vingla ut från ditt rum, o hon kom ner för trappen
Ingen Kenza Zouiten men shit va hon va katt len
Hon va så fin, finare än en maddaf**ka
Du va knockad i din säng o kunde inte cockblocka
Fyra minuter senare tog jag min vinnarcigg
Jag va drunk o seg men lilleman han va pigg
Så de hände igen (Ah) du hörde rätt
Två ligg på sju minuter, kanske lite lite ringrostig
Jag hade faktiskt druckit tre stycken BÄRTZ (för fan)
Brukar annars va en sexuell predator, man
Asså, jag ber om ursäkt för att jag, låg me din syrra
By the way, är hon verkligen född 94?

Jag snackar på chatten
(Me din syrra)
Jag går på bio
(Me din syrra)
Jag rånar tanter
(med din syrra)
Jag tar en zutt
(Me din syrra)

Lil Wayne – Love Of My Life Lyrics

[Intro: Lil’ wayne]
Weezy Baby, T-Streets
Sqadfizzle in yo back
Fee-fizzle where we at
Love of my life listen…

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I met her when i was a young bo’
Took her home rolled her up and got my puff on
And then my lungs withdrawn
And then after follow my heart
This is only tha start
Went out and bought my baby at tha start of my day
Sometimes i wanna knoe if she was here
What my father would say
Keep smoking, t.streets what you smokn on?
Cuz me im rollin up that green pokemon
And you be supa loaded of tha dro im on
And you see i can’t see wit my eyes open, dawg
Weezy wee fo’ yall
Pleez let tha drama hol off
Light it up, ’03 smoke DAWG

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Gone yeaaa gone yeaaaa gone yeaaaaa haha

[Verse 2:T.Streets]
I picked her up when i was jus a kid
Really i fucked her befo all of my friends
Really i blows off tha dro and heineken silly
Im t.strizzy streets is tha name they give me
Baby girl git lifted witcha boy
Top lifted off tha car
Hot shit in my cigar mama
It dont stink, its not fit fa my cigar potna
I mosh pit in my cigar potna
Green grass got me feelin clean as glass im bright
Tha bitch mary jane thats tha love of my life

[Verse 3: Lil’ wayne]
Yea i second that man, i second that i say
Tha bitch mary jane thats tha love of my life
Man yall knoe how i met her
I cop her from tha homie in letters
Oz’s nigga i got chedda
I dont smoke trees i smoke tha tree
No bullshit you gotta bitch bet she smoke wit me
And if she did bet she choke
If she did bet i put sumthng soothin down her throat
But thats on anotha note so
Hahah lemme git back ta my hoe
Lemme twist a sack of my hoe
That is my doe, we gits irry
You gon find me in ur lobby blunted
Maybach outside and its prolly runnin
Imma boss droppin ashes on my bentley rug
Before i fix it i jus have them reinvent tha mug
Way bent off tha dro
Way bent off tha shit
Laid back and play pimp ona bitch
Relax and play this to a spliff
Wheres my lite mary jane thats tha love of my life
T.streets man, i second that
Mary janes thats tha love of my life