How Amber Rose Became an Unlikely Icon for Feminism

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When Amber Rose arrived at her third annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles earlier this month, the Hollywood star couldn’t believe her eyes.

Dressed up as her superhero alter ego nicknamed Captain Save a Hoe, Amber saw thousands upon thousands of women come together in support of women’s rights, sex positivity and being one’s self.

“It happened very gradually. That was a very proud moment for me starting the first SlutWalk. About 2,500 people showed up. We had no sponsors, nobody wanted to help. No media outlets really wanted to cover it except scrutinize me without fully understanding it and three years later, we had almost a billion impressions,” she explained to E! News exclusively. “It grew to be such a big thing. And to help women, that’s my passion.”

In fact, it’s become a daily mission for the Loveline With Amber Rose host who celebrates turning 34 today.

While some may have first been introduced to the model when she was Kanye West‘s girlfriend or starring in Ludacris‘ music video for “What Them Girls Like,” Amber has grown into what many fans would argue to be a feminist icon.

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Whether using her social media pages, weekly podcast with Dr. Chris Donaghue or her VH1 talk-show, Amber has been able to connect with women in a variety of ways. And whether she wants to admit it or not, Amber appears to be making a difference.

“I do it because I love helping women,” she explained to us. “I help women every single day whether it’s over the phone or hooking them up with lawyers, that’s the behind the scenes things I do. I don’t do it for a pat on the back. I like to think that I help women want to come out and not take no s–t anymore. I like to think I had a hand in that.”

With the #MeToo Twitter movement and Harvey Weinstein scandal in the front of people’s minds, Amber acknowledges that it’s easier said than done to stand up for injustices. At the same time, she acknowledges that there is power in numbers.

Prince Williams/WireImage

“The fact that all these women banded together and said you’re not going to do this anymore,” she explained. “It takes one person to say something and then other women are like, ‘I can’t let this girl go out like that. I have to come and support her and let people know this happened to me as well.’ I’m happy that all the women are banding together and trying to get justice.”

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As a new year begins for Amber, the TV personality makes it clear that she wants “to grow more as a feminist.” She admits to not having all the answers and continues to learn from professionals, fans and even her callers from Loveline With Amber Rose.  And one of her top goals is to remove the word “slut” and “promiscuous” from the Webster’s dictionary.  

“That’s one of my main things I want to do this year. I also think that promiscuous, the definition is for a woman, so I’d like to get that out as well,” she explained. “We fight against derogatory labels. It shouldn’t even be a word.”

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Until then, Amber hopes to further inspire, influence and educate both men and women on a variety of topics. In fact, she hopes that her four-year-old son Sebastian can learn a few things from mama as she continues her journey.

“I raise my son to be a feminist and the definition of feminism is just equality. That’s really all it is. I never want him to put women down or make them feel inferior. He doesn’t think that anything is nasty or gay or weird or why does he have on makeup?” she shared. “My son is raised around so many interesting, amazing people that he’s just so open minded at such a young age where he doesn’t frown upon things like that. He embraces them as individuals just like his mama.”

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