The Lonely Island – Jose & Mark Lyrics

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Welcome back to sports chat I’m standing here with two fellas who are having a heck of a year, the Bash Brothers
At this point guys I think everyone knows who you are, but just in case, why don’t you introduce yourselves
Oh okay well

They call me Joseeeeeeeee
And I’m Mark
And I’m Mark

[Verse 1]
Go Jose go oiled up like Rambo
Take the needle out my butt and hop in the lambo
Th-The anabolics got me feelin’ bionic
Cause’ you know I’m indestructible
I’m Jose, I’m Mark
You’re a stud
And you’re a thoroughbred stallion
Necks laced up with the let’s bash medallion
Rollin’ to hilltop mall to get a pager
Got girls of every flavour
Because we’re in the Majors

Freaks hit up my Skytel, I’ll come mess up your Maybelline
My beeper beeping more than my dialysis machine
K-k-kidney failure’s just part of the game
We’re not ashamed now the world knows my motherfucking name

They call me Joseeeeeeeee
And I’m Mark
And I’m Mark

Canseco, can make the hoes go low
Slow mo for your bro and [?]
1980 oh [?] the year of the [?]
The whole Bay love me cause’ I’m so bolo
Speeding though San Fran
Got a pass from the popo
Pumpin’ my andros then wash ’em down with SoCo

[Verse 2]
Try and touch my cherry curls I’ll put you in a chokehold
Hit the taco bell and drop the extra guacamolo
Hotbox the whole Lambo with pakalolo
And teach me that taekwondo though
Well step into my dojo
Cocaine fists cave your nose hole
They don’t know though
We like Samwise and Frodo
But also like Dorothy and Toto
But way more swole bro
Our bodies are loco that’s why they’re chanting

Joseeeeeeeee (Jose Jose Jose)
And I’m Mark
Joseeeeeeeee (Jose Jose Jose)
My name is Mark McGwire I play first base

They call me Joseeeeee (Jose, Jose, Jose)
(And I’m Mark, And I’m Mark And I’m Mark)
And I’m Mark
Joseeeeeeeee (And I’m Mark, I’m Mark)
And I’m M-m-m-m-Mark