Silkworm – Punch Drunk Five Lyrics

They are like fire and light
Pounding me across the sky
I see you sometimes
Coming on in that
Steamy scene
I’m climbing clean
I see stars in the
The sky at night
Another boxer enchanted by the fight
I will keep it up
You’re moving in a mile a minute

I try in vain
It’s a very simple
Kinda shock like [i like “sharklike” better!]
Lovely imperfection of the
Looks i wanna bottle up
And keep here like candy wax
You’re floating out like a burning match
Something baby yeah you light my fire
I would never lie try me
I’m thinking about you all the time
I’ll be trying to get to sleep
And suddenly I find
I’ve been thinking about you
I’m thinking way too much
I’m stuck i know let’s go

I’ll do damage I
Finally figured out why
Life can be such a bitch
It’s because you’re who you are
You ain’t whoever
I wanted you to be
Dictator dreams are turning under
This bean-counter leaves his final lover
Retsina flows like rolling thunder
Moving slow at this dog and pony show
I’m surrounded by people i don’t know
Who all fall in love
Why won’t you let me love you baby
Aw Jesus Christ
Why can’t we just act naturally
Let’s not waste each other’s time
On wheat fields on white water slides
On strict tempo
-and that thick Montana tide