Snowgoons – Iron Bars Lyrics (feat. Papoose, Kool G Rap, Nature, Sean Strange & Justin Tyme)

[Verse One: Papoose]
What’s the science god? I spit the iron bars
While you writing blogs I build high as Orion’s stars
Whenever I perform, I keep a dialogue
You straight pussy, your rap is Vagina Monologue
When my mic come on I get ’em hype in the Riker’s dorm
Make the lights come on, I’m on the shit the lifer’s on
Sharp as a tiger’s claws, sharp as a lion’s jaws
Leonidas sword, my train of thought is the iron horse
I’m like lightening dawg, you just a lighter storm
‘Bout to rain on y’all niggas, put your wipers on
I’m a disciple lord, you recycled yours
Read the 48 Laws Of Power trying to decipher laws
Straight out the psycho ward, I keep the cycle warm
Before you try to cipher with me go get your life insurance
I was nice with songs since mama first put my diapers on
Gotta drive as strong as Toyota/Chrysler foreign
Her new man is a punk, he’s scared to fight a war
So she went and got an ex man, he was kinda tall
I left him stinking, slumped behind a door
Now your extinct like dinosaurs

[Hook: Kool G. Rap]
Street life, we spit that hood, drama we live that
Yeah it’s plain the gutter flow through my veins
Pain slang in the crime haven
Damian raises war, waging no games, the gutter flow through my veins
Feel that rush
Let the juice take effect
Lyrical drugs get spaced out your flesh
Feel that rush
Then you break out in cold sweats
Lyrical drug solution Nature is next

[Verse Two: Nature]
Pussy getting play I’m a pap’ stacker
Black gloves on my hands I’m a safe cracker
Known to hang around shooters not face smackers
Scared to fly ass niggas B.A. Baracus
Alibi airtight, D.A. try to attack us
The coalition type plant bombs in the tractors
Mob life these hoes can’t distract us
Your body get found, bullet riddled in Grand Rapids
Gangs Of New York, we Dead Rabbits
Promoters booking, looking to throw some bread at us
Niggas shook, meaning y’all niggas is scared of us
Killers at the funeral kissing they grandmothers
Shedding tears like he really cares
Knowing if they catch his ass they gon’ give his ass twenty years
You can catch him on the block where the money is
Nickname Dun Dun cause that’s what he is

[Verse Four: Sean Strange]
Yo, Sean Michael got you shook by death
You talking like a pimp but your wifey look like Shrek
I take my resume out the country, made the news
You in the crib, talking shit while you pay for views
Use your head little homie dont be bitter with me
That your album rotten on the shelf literally
We never eat with the enemy, measure me like the cake batter
Judge hit me with life, i die on the court like Hank Gathers
You ought to thank after, I let you tail be hang
They here like the goonie with the Fruitellie Gang
Bang Bang…Knocking on the door like a Jahova freak
You be ???? hold the heat like frozen meat

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