Neko Case – Curse Of The I-5 Corridor lyrics

(feat. Mark Lanegan)

I waited too long to write this down
The startling sensation is fading
The sweet, sweet burn of the
First drink of the night underaged
Knowing that you’re gonna get away with it

You were a good man before you knew it
And I’m not vain enough to think that
I’d have been good for you if I’d stayed
In the current of your life
I was an eyelash in the shipping lanes

And now I’m so scared about mystery
I fear I smell extinction in the
Folds of this novacaine age coming on
I miss the smell of mystery
Reverb leaking outta tavern doors
And not knowing how the sounds were made

So I left home and faked my ID
I fucked every man that I wanted to be
I was so stupid then
Why should mystery give its last name

[Refrain, 2x]
Baby, I’m afraid
But it’s not your fault
Maybe I should go
Home alone tonight

[Musical interlude]

Now I’ll see you in our old home
Where I’m always scared to go
Those thirty garbage miles
Making with cigarette butts and used tires
To be poor is the anchor that makes us so sure

Your sandy voice across my brow you haven’t aged a day
Is it because you took a shortcut that
Makes people say you’re crazy
Is it true
You’re a time traveler, you
Is it true
I’ve seen crazy too

Can it be a comfort between us
Because I never want to know for sure

[Refrain, 2x]
Baby, I’m afraid
But it’s not your fault
Maybe I should go
Home alone tonight

The instrumental over the bridge

[Musical interlude]

Now I write this in a pale town
Where excitement is a yellow curd
My dream awake leaps through my window
From the highway

You turn my handles at the brake too late
It needs to tease metric tons
The crash comes, comes, comes
It goes down my public face
Behind the reservoir of collar bones
Forms two private lakes

Baby, I’m a fool

Hopping is so easy
You haven’t gained a day
To self-fulfilling prophecies
Who don’t even have each other
Not that we would ever get away with it

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